i have had this tractor since August of 2008 and have put over 700 hrs on it doing everything from bush hogging properties, pulling trees, plotting gardens and lowing and blowing snow. I also move round bales and hail a manure spreader and have not been able to stop this little tractor. I am amazed at the little maint. I have had to do to it and at how great the dealership has treated me. Brock and the boys are number 1 in my books and ProudFoot motors stands by what they sell. I am upgrading to a ck30 hat in the very ne’er future and hope to have the same luck.

Purchased this tractor in 2003 and have mowed with it every day for years on a tree farm.
Running a bush hog daily, have moved tons of gravel, moved tons of rock, tons of dirt, with the front loader. This tractor is a beast and takes a beating, thousands of hours on it still running with the same battery in it. Never fails to start even at -20 degrees F, plows the snow in the worst weather. Buy another one? Cant kill the first one.

LYNCH EQUIPMENT and staff have always went the extra mile to make sure my needs are taken care of including — ease of purchase — service in my time frame — even to answering all of the dumb question i can come with — a factory rep . even came out to the place to look at and suggest a fix on one of the tractor bucket which i did and it worked — the tractors are a joy for me to operate i am very pleased with their performance and the support i have received –but most of all every one i have dealt with has been down home country friendly and that is important to me –thanks for reading– jrd

Cant beat it cannot get it stuck no matter how hard I try best price most value never owned one before love it thanks Riverside eguipment&special thanks to Ivan Gillmore owner

I have had my DS4110 for 2yrs now use a 61/2ft disc pulls like there’s nothing back there. Have 120hrs on it now and runs as smooth as day 1 couldn’t be happier. Thank again to orville at Southern Tractor in Porter TX.

Amazing tractor. Had it for three months now. It’ s helped me build a two story deck, dig two water well power supply trenches, move huge amounts of soil, and save myself and two neighbors about $ 14k in the process in just a couple of months. Best investment in a long time… I love the weight balance between FEL and back hoe. Wish I could get a thumb for a reasonable price

After conducting a great deal of research, I ended up purchasing a CK30 HST with CK130 Loader in 2009. I kept the tractor for over 2 years, and put 350 hrs on the machine. I did not have any issues with the machine, it always started without a problem, even in the cold Canadian climate. It had a block heater, but I seldom had to use it. The tractor was used to landscape my new property and snow removal. I certainly paid for itself and I would put it against any other make, including the JD, Case and Kubota. Another benefit was the price point. The one down side in western Canada was the lack of dealerships in this area. I sold the machine and the only money I spent on it was oil changes. I added a set of rear hydraulics myself with no problem. I recommend Kioti tractors and hope more dealerships are established.

I have only had this tractor 6 months. It is the toughest tractor I have ever used for its size. I do not regret buying it at all. I lived in Arkansas when I purchased it and like others has said, if you can put it in the bucket it will lift it. My wife has never driven a tractor before. They delivered while I was at work. I was thinking I will show her how to operate it when I got home. However when I pulled on the yard she was already using it removing rocks from our yard. Very easy to learn how to operate. I wish we could get a dealer in Iowa, they don’t know what they are missing! The Van Der Veers Chillicothe, Iowa

Great tractor acts bigger than it is. One hauling,digging, lifting , moving ,pulling beast.I have seventeen hours on it and couldn’t be happier. West End Sales will take care of all your needs and have great prices too.

I have had this tractor for about 6 months and have 125 hrs on it, I’m very pleased with it. I traded my well used 20 hp Mitsubishi for the CK 2510 with FEL and BH…I did have the left FEL mount welds let dealer re welded and added additional support..I’m very happy with the outcome. I’m happy working with the tractor and not working on it..