Just purchased my 3510HCSE from Caldwell Tractor in Ocala. Traded my LK30 in. Realy had good luck with the Kioti and it is a good tractor. 3510 is extremely nice, what a tractor. Caldwell is one really good dealer to deal with the third tractor I have bought from them.

My testimonial comes after owning the tractor for almost five years. My wife and I have a small 20 acre horse farm and sold a small subcompact tractor manufactured in 1968. We needed a machine to mow pastures, move manure, grade and remove snow. I did my homework and research. I never heard of Kioti until my wife made me look at the Dk4510. Mind you I had looked at the other orange tractor, green tractor, red tractor and blue tractor. Her friend husband had bought a Kioti six months earlier. After seeing and using the tractor complements of her husband I was sold. I bought on the next day. I bought the tractor, loader, rotary mower and pallet forks. After five years of use all I say is what a great tractor! Thumbs up Kioti, you got it right.

I just purchased a Ck2610 shuttle trans.,tractor and kioti front end loader.I am very pleased with my tractor,and the fine folks at Michigan Iron&equipment.

We researched many different tractors and had really set ourselves to purchase a different brand. We stopped into the local dealer, True Value in Penrose, and after talking with their sales team we purchased our CK2510. In the end it came down to trust and confidence that they understood exactly what we needed and the patience throughout the sales process to deliver the tractor and implements that we really needed. Mike is incredibly knowledgable of not only the product but translates that into getting us on the right tractor and letting us actually use it before the purchase. Both my wife and I were absolutely comfortable using not only it but the implements before we drove it away. Bill, Jeanne and Mike still follow up to make certain we are still thrilled which is not something common today. We would definetly purchase another Kioti and there is not doubt we would purchase it from True Value of Penrose team.

Great tractor. Better than my last Deere. Built better and more features! I purchased the tractor from Bobby Cross at the Decator, Texas dealership and he delivered it to my residence. He also took the time to go over the entire tractor’s features. That never happened when I purchased a Deere!

I purchased my DK65C in January 2004 after months of searching different tractors in the same size range the decision was made Kioti. The tractor was originally bought to use for mowing with a 15ft mower. Now it is used for hay production. The tractor has performed very well over the years. Wouldn’t trade it for any other color of tractor. The PX series is a future possibility. However there is still several years left in my DK.

I’ve owned my Ck20 for five years now and have nothing bad to say about this machine. Even after 650 hours of operation it continues to surpass my expectations for a small tractor. I always enjoy operating this machine, whether I’m spreading gravel, towing and loading a hydraulic dump trailer, removing rocks/stumps or snow removal. Removing snow from my large driveway is easy using my tractor paired with a 7ft snow plow which it handles with ease. I frequently push this machine to it’s limit when removing large rocks from my property but have yet to find a job that this little beast wouldn’t tackle. There is definitely a lot of power packed into this compact, affordable machine. The maintenance on this machine has been very minimal and easy to perform with a wide selection of supplies readily available from the dealer. Support from the dealer, Atlantic Trailer and Equipment (Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland) is second-to- none. They always do everything they can to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with their purchase. I’ve found that this very economical tractor out-performs the higher-priced competitor’s machines and would recommend this unit and dealership to anyone. When I enter the tractor market again I will definitely be buying another Kioti.


I have a 2015 Kioti CS2410 with 4×4, loader, backhoe, 60″ mid-mount mower, clamp-on bucket forks (awesome attachment!), bigfoot backhoe pads, 8″ and 16″ backhoe buckets, industrial and lawn wheels, canopy, and 3-pt. tow hitch. I use it on a heavily-wooded, 1.5 acre waterfront property. I have over 60 hours on it in just over 9 months time. This little tractor is very impressive and has been well worth the purchase price (which was pretty good to start with). Here is what I’ve done with it so far. Dredged leaves and muck from waterfront; built a seawall; removed stumps and large tree roots; hauled or pulled large stumps to treeline (some were just too large to lift but pulling was a breeze); hauled clay, mud/muck, debris, logs, dirt, mulch, and stone with loader; hauled hardwood logs, heavy brush, bulky yard equipment, and lumber with forks; used it to pull and secure trees for cutting using tow straps; plowed and cleared snow; scraped and leveled ground to lay paths; dug a trench, holes to plant trees, and a large hole/pit for a basement window; lifted a boat motor using the loader; lifted and stabilized large deck beams during deck construction; towed watercraft (boats and jet skis) in and out of the water; pulled truck and trailer full of logs out of the mud; loaded dump trailers with debris, logs, and brush; towed an Agri-fab leaf vac/chipper; dumped and plowed mountains of chipped leaves; mowed lawn and towed plug aerator and seed spreader. And I’m just getting started. This is a sub-compact tractor with a 24.5 HP diesel engine and 19 HP PTO, so if you have realistic expectations for its size and price, you might be very impressed with all the things it CAN DO! I considered the comparably equipped John Deere tractor, the 1025R TLB, and while that has some features I found more appealing, I just couldn’t beat the price of the Kioti with all the attachments and extras when compared to the price of the JD with only the loader and backhoe. Also, I have a Kioti dealer about 11 miles from my property, so that has been useful. I also considered the Massy Ferguson GC1710. All three of these sub-compacts have very similar specifications and capabilities, so you probably won’t go wrong with any of them. For me it came down to value and what I could get for a limited budget, and which tractor met my particular needs. It turns out they’re all made from either Japanese or South Korean (or elsewhere) components, so if you think you’re buying “American Made” with the JD or MF labels, you may want to do some research (e.g., the JD has a Yanmar motor). I’ve been more than impressed with the capability of my Kioti and am very happy with my purchase and experience. I hope you find the tractor that best suits your needs!

I just purchased a CK3510 HST from Jordan Sales and Service in Post Falls, Idaho. This tractor is everything I thought it would be and more. It performs as advertised with ease. This is my first new tractor purchase and I could not be more satisfied. The folks at Jordan Sales helped me pick the right tractor for my needs and have exceeded my expectations. I truly feel as though I have become part of their extended family. I look forward to many years of relaxing times on my new toy.

Bought this tractor new in Oct. ’13 from Straub Outdoor Power. First off, dealer was great and continues to be great to work with. I have yet to find something this tractor cannot do. It is a workhorse, bush hogs, moves dirt, snow, gravel, tills, you name it. Bucket controls are awesome, even my 11yr old son can operate the bucket with ease. You get big tractor features with this unit compared to other brands, great bang for the buck. I have had zero problems, never been in shop except for service. I would recommend this unit to anyone.