Former owner of dk35 with no complaints. About to step up to a larger cab series and have shopped every “good” brand out there. I am completely blown away at the new rx6010. The mahindra 6110 is not in the same ballpark in any area. In fact, the dealer I visited sells mahindra, Massey and kioti and said point blank, kioti can’t be touched between those. Kubota thinks they are John Deere and are even a few bucks higher! Don’t get me wrong, there is a reason that EVERY tractor is compared to a JD but there comes a time when price point is a must in this strapped economy. I WILL be getting the rx6010 because it far surpasses the others in build quality/features. It even has a push bar connected from the loader to the rear end of the tractor. This keeps the frame from bucking under severe shoving. Standard self leveling loader, etc. seems like “ahead of the pack” is not just a slogan for Kioti anymore!

te This machine is a work horse for around the farm . It’s not the fastest machine out there by any means but if you plan on doing work and not 50 mph buy one. Not many aftermarket accessories out there but who needs all that stuff ,this isn’t a let see how pretty I can make my kioti mechron . I do have one problem with it though its where they placed the emergency brake ,it hits my leg when I exit the vehicle but I am also 6’5 so maybe that’s the problem. I also own DK 40 tractor for 3 years with no problems . Kioti has my business if I ever need to buy another tractor or utv but I don’t think it will be necessary cause it seems they are built to last.

Have had the tractor a year now and can’t imagine being happier with a major purchase. I have 110 hours on it and it is starting to pay for itself.. The ranch across the road is a weekend place for a couple from out of town and he has hired me to keep the place up between his visits. It only takes one day a month to make the tractor payment and it is still nothing but fun every time I go over. Really just got it to keep our place cleaned up and looking nice, this is a great bonus. The good folks at Hill Country Tractor in San Antonio and at Ranchers ATV & Tractor in Kerrville have been great.

Purchased a CK 30 gear shift new in 2008 and had no major problem with it ….. I have close to 2000 hrs of moving snow, hauling wood, moving dirt, landscaping etc….. I have the loader, a backhoe attachment, a logging winch, snow blower, wood splitter, box blade, and a 3000lbs hydraulic dump trailer and can say that it handles all mentioned attachment impressively for a small tractor…… I think that it’s a very good, well built dependable compact tractor …

Finally bit the bullet and bought myself a Kioti CK 30 hst with front mount SB 66 snow blower, KL130 loader and 6 foot back blade for Xmas. After 3 years of debating between Kubota and Kioti. I made the right choice with the Kioti. The boys at Bromley Farm Supply out of Douglas, Ontario where great at helping me purchase the machine that was made for my needs. I purchased the machine on Dec 23rd and it was delivered to my home on the 30th, Considering the Holidays and Weekend and had to order the Mid PTO for the snow blower. Anyway back to the tractor. This machine is amazingly easy to operate , very comfortable and lots of power. The HST makes it fun to blow snow with. I had been pushing snow with my ATV and snow was so banked up that I had no more room to push. The CK30 got rid of those banks pretty darn fast and with ease. Snow blower shot the snow 75 feet away from the driveway into the open areas. What can I say I love this Orange/Black monster can’t wait for Spring to play with the loader. Jim McHales of Bromley Farm Supply you are tops for making my purchase a great experience and your boys from the garage for walking me around and explaining how this machine works. Thanks
Gilles Poulin

I have had my tractor since 2008 and it is used to move dirt, rocks, maintaining the gravel drive, mow with 5 foot land pride finish mower. Had 4 inch spacers installed on the rear of the tractor due to living on a hill makes it more stable. Looked at several different brands and the Kioti was the best bang for the buck. To mow about 2 acres it takes little over a gallon of fuel. The tractor has been problem free and is a lot of fun to operate. The loader is very powerful and is easy to use. I would buy Kioti again if this one ever wears out which I don’t see happening.

40 hour follow up: I have now had my CK20S with a manual transmission and a loader for 60 days. The CK20S is the smallest of the CK series, which allows it to still be a compact tractor and be small enough to mow our large hilly yard. I am able to use a 4ft brush cutter up steep hills in high weeds using 3rd gear low range. It will do it in 1st gear high range, but is too fast for the hills.
I pull a 5 foot finishing mower in 3rd gear low range under normal cutting. The CK20S size allows it to be an effective mower not damaging the yard due to the large industrial tires. I think the HST would make it easier to mow, but I love the pulling power of the manual transmission.
The loader is very strong and built well. I have used it to cut out a bank beside my driveway. Understand it is not a 15 ton rubber tire backhoe, but with patience’s you can move a lot of dirt. I find the loader to be a work multiple. I am finding new ways to use it every day. Just dropping my chainsaw, bar oil, and gas into the bucket and going into the woods simplifies and speeds up work.
I use the tractor and boom pole to pull logs out of my woods on to level ground making it easier to cut. This is where the 2700lbs of the tractor and loader puts the CK20s in the category of compact tractor and not sub-compact. It has the weight it needs to do work around a small farm.
I am able to pull a 6 foot drag disk with ease. I have turned part of my garden with a single 14 inch breaking plow. I am almost tempted to try a double, but my garden is not big enough to warrant buying one.
Overall I am very pleased with my CK20S. Do your research before you buy (as I did) and buy a tractor that fits your tasks.
Recommend for small acreage hobby farms, mowing, brush cutting, landscaping, feeding animals, large gardens, etc.

I happen to own a CK20 HST from the previous owner that no longer want it. I have gone through many type of tractor’s specification. It is very important to know the different type of machine before buying, right? Well, this is exactly what I did and wanted to be sure that all assessment are made to the specification. So, this previous owner had 2005 CK20 HST Kioti with a loader, 2365 backhoe (last kind) up to 2900 pounds digging force. Snowblower and box scraper with 5 digging teeth with two blade front and back along with 6X14 utility on-ramp trailer. It was a fast sell-out before any one get their’s hand on it and happen to be the first one got it. I am very pleased to say that I am a proud owner of a CK20HST and especially with the KB 2365 has no trouble with it.  To all new researcher, please take a good look at the specification before buying, it will save you time and effort. It does make a different comparing to all type of makes.

I received my CK20S from Green’s Trailer & Equipment. David and his young son delivered it to my home which was well out of his way. David was very helpful throughout the sales process and went over the tractor with me. I have been in Heavy Maintenance for the Army over 27 years and found this tractor offered the most bang for the buck. This is no lawn mower! It has much more lift both on the loader and three point hitch than its competitors in the comparable size and price. I now have ten hours of heavy uses. All looks great. This tractor does not have a live PTO in the geared version,but it has not caused any problems. It could be a problem for people using a finishing mower in tight places as the blades will stop when the clutch is depressed. I pulled a 4 foot wide brush cutter through 2 foot high grass and weeds in low range third gear without problem. Low range third gear is plenty fast. The tractor performed strong. Problems: I went over the tractor in detail and found two rubber grommets on the wires for the rear brake lights had not been completely installed through the fender. This would have caused the wires to rub and short. It was a simple quick fix. First impressions. After visiting and studying Kubota, Mahindra, Yanmar, John Deere, and Massey Ferguson, I found the CK20S to be the heaviest made in this price range. It feels industrial, but easy to use. I watch this video which made my mind up.


A better Orange tractor …

I had been wanting a new orange compact tractor to replace the one I have spent many happy hours on for the past 16 years. I am glad I had done some looking around and research and found the Kioti. My new CK27 HST has way more features and benefits than the other tractor companies tractors in the same class size at a very noticeable lower price. Everything on it is well thought out and a pleasure to operate from a comfortable seat. Implements are easy to put on and the universal loader plate will have me in useful attachments for years. The power and HST operation have allowed me to do more in the short time I have had the CK27H, than I would have ever thought of doing with my old tractor.

My Kioti Dealer, Cowlitz River Rigging, has been great to work with … from test drives to delivery, as well as taking extra time to go over how I was going to use the tractor, and pointing out operating tips and safety procedures.

I am looking forward to many more years of Kioti operation on the right Orange tractor for me …

Thank you for making an affordable tractor and not scrimping on features and performance.

Matt Ivey, Portland Oregon