I bought this new in 2010 have 500 hrs on it and no problems worked long winters and a lot of other jobs,best tractor out there.

I bought this tractor for small jobs around the farm, but oh man I never knew how much of a work horse it could be! I dont even touch my larger tractor now because this thing does the same work with more maneuverability! I love my Kioti!

This month is my anniversary of 5 years owning my CK30 gear. I use it for 7.5 acres cutting grass, agriculture garden work which involves discing, tilling, hipping rows, spraying, etc. In that time I have had 0 issues with the tractor. I maintain my tractor every year by replacing the engine oil and fuel filter. I replace the transmission/hydraulic oil every 2 years. The air filter is checked often and replaced if needed. For the money, you can’t beat what you get with the features that this tractor offers and its a solid built all metal tractor. I use it as intended and the capabilities of the tractor that I know it can handle.

Jan 16, 2020… 1st trip out blowing snow. Actually 1st trip out doing anything since purchase two weeks ago. Only 8-10″, but couldn’t wait any longer to justify everything… wife was watching. Last machine operated was an elderly Case 580C. All the controls on this Kioti are easy to figure out, yeah, they are intuitive to use and all functioned perfectly. The “cockpit” is a very pleasant place to hang out. The snow blower is easy to engage/disengage and use. It fits in fairly tight spots. The turn radius of the tractor also helps to get in those places. I have started my Kioti experience with the front-mounted snow blower as the only implement attached. The chute is hydraulically rotated, but the “flap” at the top is adjusted manually. So far, I’m happy with that configuration. My plan is for this to be the setup for winter. Based on this 1st trip, I am NOT feeling the need for a blade on the back. If the surface is at all level and the snow is not compacted into ice, the blower removes the snow to expose almost bare pavement. I especially like the HST for the snow blowing chore. Almost all work this time was done after dark. The ample lighting on the tractor made it easy to see everything. The heater will bake a turkey… perhaps it was. I used Low Range when blowing snow… and used High Range to get to neighbor’s houses. (They didn’t know they were being used in an experiment.) No damage was done to any house or snow-covered garden gnome. I probably came close to Vmax (top speed) going from house-to-house. The tractor was rock solid at speed as was the steering. So, on the 1-10 scale, this 1st outing was a 10!


Great tractor so far, TLB. Definitely not a slouch of a tractor. I’ve put it through it’s paces so far. Purchased in November and can’t say enough about Emerich Sales and Service in Melrose, NY. From sales to service, great place to do business. Would recommend to everyone!

I tend to do a lot of research before I buy anything. When it came to tractors that was no different. I’ve used JD and Kubota and I liked certain things about both, but not everything. When I came across Kioti I was impressed by what I saw in paper for specs and price.

I decided to go give them a look this last spring. I was extremely impressed from what I saw. I bought a CK3510SE after looking at all the options back in July.

Since July I have done everything with that tractor from backfilling my foundation, garage, power and water lines to pulling stumps, mowing, moving building materials, concrete, wood and grading and leveling my driveway. I am more than impressed with this machine and it’s capabilities and it’s options.

I could not have done the things I accomplished over the last few months to build my house and clear the land without this machine. I have a mower, auger, grader box, back blade and forks along with the bucket.
I can’t say enough good things about this tractor. I have friends who have purchase Kioti after I bought from what they have seen from my tractor and heard me say.

Purchased a NX 5010 from Wards in Dollar Bay, Michigan Dec 2018…Great Bunch, pleasure to deal with, they go out of their way to help you out any hour. Pick up and delivery, I tore a wire off in the brush and did not know what was wrong, the Owner of Wards knew(had a good idea) and was here the next day to fix it without charge. That kind of service is few and far between. My NX 5010 only has about 160 hours on it but has been a great tractor, no troubles, runs great, lot’s of power. The heater will roast you out in the winter but the Window’s fog at times, there are many fixes but if you turn the Air Conditioning on it will eliminate the fog inside the cab(Tip from Wards) also factory lights are not the best, I replaced them with LED, much brighter and easier to see what your doing, all tractors with lighting should be LED… 8 heat/Cool vents, stereo… cab light, adjustable seat, locking differential, Cruise control, No stall, Draft Control, Front/Rear Wiper/Wash, Rear heat in window, large inside rear mirror with 2 more outside, can control rear hydraulics at the rear of tractor and too many other things to list… It has been a Great Tractor and I have told many to come and try it out at my house. I have also purchased a Erskine Grapple, a brush hog extreme and Box Blade and Rear Snow blower made by ? But all high quality items. You’ll never go wrong with the Kioti Tractor… I researched alot before I purchased a tractor.

This is my first tractor. It has a loader and backhoe. I am very pleased with it. My dealer in Douglas, Ontario, Bromley Farm supply, has been very helpful in choosing my tractor and provide wonderful service (e.g. oil change and regular maintenance at home). it is a real pleasure to use. Thank you Kioti and Bromley Farm Supply.

For a year, I read up on other ZTRs and looked at reviews. Ironically, I bought a ZTR with no reviews because I had such a great experience with my KIOTI CK2610 compact tractor. Mowing our four-acres of grass usually took over four hours. Now it takes about an hour and a half. It’s an easy, comfortable, fun job. Honestly, I haven’t really learned how to really use it! My wife does all the mowing. She loves it so much, that our lawn has looked like a golf course ever since we got the KIOTI ZTR.

Typically, it takes me 2.5 hours to push mow our property. My husband said it was high time to save me some time and we started looking at zero-turn mowers. We love our CK35 compact tractor, so when we heard KIOTI came out with a ZTR we had to check it out. During the test drive, it was easy to use and the seat was really comfortable. We looked at other brands but, in the end, KIOTI was for us. What sealed the deal? Our dealer: Hoover Tractor. They took the time to explain the mower and help us choose the right one for us. With Hoover’s knowledge and attention to detail, and our experience with KIOTI’s reliability and durability, we thought we were making the right decision. And now, when it only takes me 45 minutes to mow the property, I know we made the right choice!