Name: Joshua Whitley
City, State: Bainbridge, OH
Product: CK30/CK30 HST

I bought a CK30 about a year ago. I waited till I had used it a year give my two cents about this tractor. Now that I have used the guts out of this tractor I feel I can give and honest opinion about it. I have used John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Kubota, International, Ford, Oliver, David browns, and Longs. This tractor beats them all. As far as I am concerned KIOTI has a life customer. I use this tractor to do anything from mowing my yard to finish digging a pond. It does it all. Power has not been a problem at all. Easy on fuel and easy to use. I have a front end loader that works great. My father in-law farms and uses a bob cat for his front end loader, He couldn’t believe that the lift height on the bucket was almost as high as it. If you are looking to buy a tractor I would highly recommend this tractor. It is priced very well and the warranty is great. The only complaint I have is with the gearing from 4low-2 High. I wish they were geared a little different but they are not that bad at all. Not enough to stop me from buying it again. As far as starting in cold weather, it was 3 degrees here, yesterday and I went out to start it to clean the driveway. As soon as the glow plug light kicked off it fired right off with no delay. My father in-law bought a new John Deere a month after I bought this tractor and it doesn’t have any kind of cold weather assistance like glow plugs air heater or block heater. The dealer did install a block heater as a courtesy. In my opinion, (as a diesel mechanic) every diesel needs something to help in cold weather it is just a diesel thing. They don’t like the cold! That being said, keep up the good work and don’t try to follow a trend of plastic cheap made tractors. This is a solid steel heavy made tractor!

Headquartered in Wendell, North Carolina, KIOTI Tractor is a market driven company that has been supplying more than 30 tractor models in the 22-90 horsepower range to the US and Canadian markets for over 25 years. Building on the company’s core product line, KIOTI has recently expanded their offerings to include the MECHRON 2200 UTV and a full host of implements and attachments in addition to their new CS2410 subcompact tractor. For more information on KIOTI Tractor or KIOTI products please visit your authorized KIOTI Tractor dealer today, call 877-465-4684 or visit