Name: Ronnie Cullen
City, State: Providence, KY
Product: DS4110

I bought a 4110ds at Metropolis Il. I cannot stress how customer satisfaction was top on their list and not to sell me something to big or more importantly too small. When I left the lot with the tractor on the trailer along with attachments in the bed of my truck heading back to Kentucky, I honestly wondered how they could sell me all they did (along with other throw ins that showed me they wanted my future business) and still make money. Oh about the tractor, It still amazes me every time I get on it what it’ll do, that is whenever my 17yr. old son isn’t off on it making extra money. Funny I never see none of that. I will upgrade one of these days, and I will go back to Metropolis and find James Little. Thank you “Little Tractor” in Metropolis Il.

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