Name: Tony Lay
City, State / Province: Lafollette, Tennessee
Model / Product #: CK20S

I received my CK20S from Green’s Trailer & Equipment. David and his young son delivered it to my home which was well out of his way. David was very helpful throughout the sales process and went over the tractor with me. I have been in Heavy Maintenance for the Army over 27 years and found this tractor offered the most bang for the buck. This is no lawn mower! It has much more lift both on the loader and three point hitch than its competitors in the comparable size and price. I now have ten hours of heavy uses. All looks great. This tractor does not have a live PTO in the geared version,but it has not caused any problems. It could be a problem for people using a finishing mower in tight places as the blades will stop when the clutch is depressed. I pulled a 4 foot wide brush cutter through 2 foot high grass and weeds in low range third gear without problem. Low range third gear is plenty fast. The tractor performed strong. Problems: I went over the tractor in detail and found two rubber grommets on the wires for the rear brake lights had not been completely installed through the fender. This would have caused the wires to rub and short. It was a simple quick fix. First impressions. After visiting and studying Kubota, Mahindra, Yanmar, John Deere, and Massey Ferguson, I found the CK20S to be the heaviest made in this price range. It feels industrial, but easy to use. I watch this video which made my mind up.


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