Standard Features

  • Low profile design maximizes operator's visibility.
  • Designed to be quickly and easily attached and detached.
  • A built-in parking stand on the front-end loader provides quick and easy connection.
  • Mid-mount style frame for engine accessibility.
  • Bucket level indicator is standard.

Fits KIOTI PX9020 tractor.
Specifications may vary with tractor model, front axle configurations, tire size option and type of attachment, and are subject to change without notification.


Maximum Lift Height to Pivot Pin 141.54"
Clearance with Attachment Level 136.06"
Clearance with Bucket Dumped 112.4"
Reach at Maximum Height 15.35"
Maximum Dump Angle 65 degree
Reach with Bucket on Ground 86.42"
Maximum Rollback Angle 46 degree
Digging Depth (below grade) -7.36"
Overall Height in Carry Position 68.31"
Bucket Depth (inner shell) 25"
Bucket Height 23.6"
Bucket Length (pivot Pin) 32.50"
Lift Capacity to Full Height at Pivot Pin 3,970 lbs
Breakout Force at Pivot Pin 8,136 lbs
Bucket Rollback Force at Ground Line 5,468 lbs (@ 31.5 in. forward of pivot)
Relief Valve Setting (Loader control valve) 2,600 psi
Rated Flow 12.3 GPM
Bucket Size 84" (QA)
Bucket Weight 341.7 lbs (155 kg)
Weight (without bucket) 1,642.4 lbs (745 kg)
Bucket Capacity 13.8/22.2 ft3
Raise Boom 6.27 sec @ 2,000 rpm
Lower Boom 4.24 sec @ 2,000 rpm
Dump Bucket 4.19 sec @ 2,000 rpm
Retract Bucket 2.99 sec @ 2,000 rpm

Application Chart

CS2410 checkmark
CK20S checkmark
CK20S HST checkmark
CK27 HST checkmark
CK30 checkmark
CK30 HST checkmark
CK35 checkmark
CK35 HST checkmark
DS3510 checkmark
DS4110 checkmark
DS4110 HS checkmark
DS4510 HS checkmark
DK40SE checkmark
DK40SE HST checkmark
DK40SE HST Cab checkmark
DK45SE checkmark
DK45SE HST Cab checkmark
DK45SE HST checkmark
DK50SE checkmark
DK50SE HST checkmark
DK50SE HST Cab checkmark
DK55 checkmark
DK55 Cab checkmark
DK90 Cab checkmark
RX6010 Cab checkmark
RX6010 Powershuttle Cab checkmark
NX4510 checkmark
NX5010 HST Cab checkmark
NX4510 HST checkmark
NX6010 HST Cab checkmark
NX6010 HST checkmark
NX4510 Cab checkmark
CK2510 checkmark
CK2510 HST checkmark
NX4510 HST Cab checkmark
NX5010 checkmark
NX5010 Cab checkmark
NX5010 HST checkmark
NX5510 Cab checkmark
NX5510 HST Cab checkmark
NX5510 HST checkmark
NX5510 checkmark
RX6620 checkmark
RX6620 Cab checkmark
RX6620 Powershuttle checkmark
RX6620 Powershuttle Cab checkmark
RX7320 checkmark
RX7320C checkmark
RX7320 Powershuttle checkmark
RX7320 Powershuttle Cab checkmark
RX7320PC Creeper checkmark
PX9020 checkmark