Standard Features

  • Front mounted units allow for excellent visibility of the task at hand.
  • Chute rotation and the raising and lowering of the blower unit controlled by the same single leaver joystick as your front end loader.
  • Heavy duty construction with carbon steel reversible blades.
  • Factory balanced auger and fan for smooth and efficient operation.
  • Manual chute deflector standard with optional electric deflector control.
  • Easy on and easy off connections for blower mounting and hydraulics.
  • Quality paint with epoxy primer for durability and a storage foot for easy attach and detach.

Fits KIOTI CS2410 Tractor.

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KIOTI recommended units CS2410
Recommended PTO (HP) 15-20 hp
Cutting Width 50"
Cutting Height 20"
Lift Height +8”, -4”
Fan RPM 1050
Fan Diameter 16"
Fan Shaft Diameter 1’’
Fan Depth 5 1/2’’
Fan Center Height 9 1/2"
Balanced Fan Std.
Number Of Blades 4
Main Auger Diameter 14’’
Balanced Auger Std.
Hydraulic Chute Rotation On Polyethylene Std.
Discharge Chute Angle 282º
Manual Chute Deflector Std.
Chute 1 Deflector Std.
Fixed Cutting Edge .250” x 1.5” Std.
Lateral Skid Shoes Adjustable Opt.
P.T.O Shaft Number 6E drive shaft
Driving Chain Number 40
Number Of Safety Bolts 3
Special hitch attach & drive kit for KIOTI Std.
Length 25 1/2"
Width 50”
Height 44”
Weight (lb) 300 (approx)

Application Chart

CS2410 checkmark
CK20S checkmark
CK20S HST checkmark
CK27 HST checkmark
CK30 checkmark
CK30 HST checkmark
CK35 checkmark
CK35 HST checkmark
DS4110 HS
DS4510 HS
DK40SE checkmark
DK40SE HST checkmark
DK40SE HST Cab checkmark
DK45SE checkmark
DK45SE HST Cab checkmark
DK45SE HST checkmark
DK50SE checkmark
DK50SE HST checkmark
DK50SE HST Cab checkmark
DK55 Cab
DK90 Cab
RX6010 Cab
RX6010 Powershuttle Cab
NX5010 HST Cab
NX6010 HST Cab
NX6010 HST
NX4510 Cab
CK2510 HST
NX4510 HST Cab
NX5010 Cab
NX5510 Cab
NX5510 HST Cab
RX6620 Cab
RX6620 Powershuttle
RX6620 Powershuttle Cab
RX7320 Powershuttle
RX7320 Powershuttle Cab
RX7320PC Creeper