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Name : Michael
City, State : Normal, IL
Product: CK27 HST

Quite possibly the best birthday ever.  Well here he is folks:

He arrived on Friday. I watched the delivery guy pass us as we were about 200 yds from our driveway and I could spot him a mile away. Looked at my wife and said “He missed our drive” she didn’t even notice. Well it was cold and windy and I am not the type to just jump in and drive off without reading the manual, I know you all think I am crazy but I have seen some people really screw up something that was brand new because they didn’t know one little insignificant detail that ended up ruining their brand new whatever it was. So I started reading the manuals but went to bed early as I had to work at 6 am Saturday and when I got home from work I had to mow the grass. Well Sat. was my Birthday and We had plans for dinner with my parents and siblings so when I got home I hurriedly cut the grass and cleaned a few things up but did not have time to get any seat time in. Well now its Sunday and it’s just eating me up I drove around the yard for a minute but I still had to finish mowing and do some chores with the Goats and chickens so not too much. On to today. I am usually off Mondays. So when I got up this morning I got dressed and out to the garage I went. Hooked up the disc, added some weights and off we went. Moved the compost pile for my wife which she has been asking me to do and all I can say is WOW! This little guy rocks my socks! It took me no time at all, compared to a shovel and a wheel barrow that is. Then we disced up the garden to get some weeds out and moved some dirt for a driveway extension I have been working on. Then moved a small amount of gravel to the mouth of the drive where there is a drop from the asphalt which was irritating me a bit. Then it was back to his room for the evening. I can tell already that this is going to be the beginning of a Beautiful friendship.

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