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Name: Tony Lay
City, State / Province: Lafollette, Tennessee
Model / Product #: CK20S with manual transmission

40 hour follow up: I have now had my CK20S with a manual transmission and a loader for 60 days. The CK20S is the smallest of the CK series, which allows it to still be a compact tractor and be small enough to mow our large hilly yard. I am able to use a 4ft brush cutter up steep hills in high weeds using 3rd gear low range. It will do it in 1st gear high range, but is too fast for the hills.
I pull a 5 foot finishing mower in 3rd gear low range under normal cutting. The CK20S size allows it to be an effective mower not damaging the yard due to the large industrial tires. I think the HST would make it easier to mow, but I love the pulling power of the manual transmission.
The loader is very strong and built well. I have used it to cut out a bank beside my driveway. Understand it is not a 15 ton rubber tire backhoe, but with patience’s you can move a lot of dirt. I find the loader to be a work multiple. I am finding new ways to use it every day. Just dropping my chainsaw, bar oil, and gas into the bucket and going into the woods simplifies and speeds up work.
I use the tractor and boom pole to pull logs out of my woods on to level ground making it easier to cut. This is where the 2700lbs of the tractor and loader puts the CK20s in the category of compact tractor and not sub-compact. It has the weight it needs to do work around a small farm.
I am able to pull a 6 foot drag disk with ease. I have turned part of my garden with a single 14 inch breaking plow. I am almost tempted to try a double, but my garden is not big enough to warrant buying one.
Overall I am very pleased with my CK20S. Do your research before you buy (as I did) and buy a tractor that fits your tasks.
Recommend for small acreage hobby farms, mowing, brush cutting, landscaping, feeding animals, large gardens, etc.

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