Name: Kevin Snippe
City, State / Province: Manotick, Ontario
Model / Product #: CK20HST

I happen to own a CK20 HST from the previous owner that no longer want it. I have gone through many type of tractor’s specification. It is very important to know the different type of machine before buying, right? Well, this is exactly what I did and wanted to be sure that all assessment are made to the specification. So, this previous owner had 2005 CK20 HST Kioti with a loader, 2365 backhoe (last kind) up to 2900 pounds digging force. Snowblower and box scraper with 5 digging teeth with two blade front and back along with 6X14 utility on-ramp trailer. It was a fast sell-out before any one get their’s hand on it and happen to be the first one got it. I am very pleased to say that I am a proud owner of a CK20HST and especially with the KB 2365 has no trouble with it.  To all new researcher, please take a good look at the specification before buying, it will save you time and effort. It does make a different comparing to all type of makes.

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