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DK4220SE HST Compact Tractor

Main Features

  • Engine Gross Power: 39.6 hp (29.5 kW)
  • PTO Type: Independent
  • Transmission Type: HST
  • Shuttle: N/A
  • KIOTI Diesel Engine
  • Open Platform ROPS Design
  • Powerful HST Transmission
  • *NOTE: Front fenders not available in North America.


Transmission Type Hydrostatic
No. of Travel Speeds - Forward / Reverse 3 Range
Min. Travel Speed of Forward w/ Ag @ Engine rated speed 0 mph (0 km/h)
Max. Travel Speed of Forward w/ Ag @ Engine rated speed 18.45 mph (29.7 km/h)

Power Take-Off (PTO)

PTO Type Transmission Independent
PTO Power 29.1 hp (21.7 kW)
Rear PTO Speed 540 rpm
Mid PTO Speed 2,000 rpm (Optional)

Brakes and Clutch

Brakes Wet Disc Type
Clutch None

Dimensions w/ AG Tire

Length w/ 3-point hitch 125.5 in. (3,189 mm)
Width 62.8 in. (1,596 mm)
Height from Top of ROPs 96.8 in. (2,458 mm)
Wheelbase 71.3 in. (1,810 mm)
Ground Clearance 14.5 in. (368 mm)
Front Tread Ag Tires - Min 49.4 in. (1,254 mm)
Rear Tread Ag Tires - Min 49.3 in. (1,254 mm)
Min. Turning Radius w/ Brake 102.8 in. (2,610 mm)


Total Pump Flow 16.49 gpm (62.4 L/min)

3-Point Hitch

Standard Category Category 1
Lift Capacity, 24" aft of hitch 2,716 lbs. (1,232 kg)
Control Type Position


Weight w/ Ag Tires w/ ROPs 3,523 lbs. (1,598 kg)

Equipment & Panel

Standard EquipmentOptional EquipmentInstrument Panel
  • Rear PTO
  • Dual Remote Hydraulic Valve (Spring/Detent)
  • Wet Multi Disc Brakes
  • Joystick Valve
  • Drawbar
  • Headlights
  • Parking Brake
  • PTO Shield
  • Beacon Light
  • Front Weights
  • Mid PTO
  • HST Linked Pedal
  • Fuel Heater Kit
  • Rear Wheel Weight (Ag and Ind Tires Only)
  • 3rd Function Kit for Loader
  • RPM Increase Kit for Loader
  • Bluetooth Speaker Kit
  • Clevis Type Drawbar
  • Side View Mirror
  • Digital Hour Meter
  • Coolant Temperature Gauge
  • Tachometer
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Engine Oil Pressure Light
  • High Beam, Emergency Flasher, Turn Signals
  • Glow Plug Light
  • Alternator Light

Available Tires










Front End Loaders : KL5520


Fits all DK20, DK10 and DK10SE Series ROPS Models. The KIOTI KL5520 front end loader is specifically designed for the DK10 & DK20 Series and ROPS models of the DK10SE Series. The KIOTI loader, with a built-in parking stand, is designed to be quickly and easily attached and detached. KL Series loaders utilize the tractor’s hydraulic system, feature single-lever control with float and come with a bucket level indicator. *Specifications may vary with tractor model, front axle configurations, tire size option and type of attachment and are subject to change without notification.

Learn More about KL5520

Backhoes : KB2485


Fits KIOTI DK10 Series (DK4510/5010/5510), NS Series (NS4710/NS4710 HST/NS5310 HST/NS6010/NS6010 HST), NX4510, NX5010, NX5510, NX6010, RX6620 tractors. Specifications may vary depending on tractor model and are subject to change without notification. Tractors must be equipped with ROPS and seat belt that will provide greater safety.

Learn More about KB2485


DK4220SE HST Compact Tractor : About Us

Since the first KIOTI tractor was introduced in the U.S. in 1986, KIOTI has aligned itself among the nation’s leading tractor brands. KIOTI remains steadfastly committed to the advancement and growth of tractor technology, value and service. And in this quest, KIOTI knows its success will always depend on two things: putting our customers first and believing in the power of teamwork. We are dedicated to providing quality with marketplace staying power. We are committed to listening to our customers and providing the high quality products their jobs demand. We are devoted to building an outstanding dealer network and supplying those dealers with quality parts, training and responsive service.

“Our company grew from a culture where loyalty – be it business or personal – is a given. When our company makes you a promise to deliver the best machine-owning experience you’ve ever had, that is what we intend to do.” –Peter Dong Kyun Kim Chief Executive Officer, Daedong-USA, Inc. KIOTI Tractor Division
Our History 1986 The first KIOTI compact tractor was introduced in the US. 1993 Daedong-USA, Inc. was formed and KIOTI Tractor was headquartered in Wilson, NC. 1999 Introduced DK45, the first DK Series compact tractor. 2000 Introduced KL Series loaders, KB Series backhoes and KR Series grooming mowers. 2002 Expanded implement line to include mid-mount mower, tiller and bale spear. 2003 Expanded implement product lines to include aerator, rotary cutter, rake, box & rear blade and more. Introduced CK20, the first CK Series compact tractor. 2004 KIOTI opened the new North American headquarters in Wendell, NC. Introduced CK25, CK25 HST, CK30 and CK30 HST. 2006 Introduced DK45SE HST, the first DK SE Series tractor with advanced technology. 2008 KIOTI Introduces the 4 Year Industry Leading Warranty. The DK75 utility tractor is introduced. 2009 The DS Series economy tractors are introduced. The DKSE Series is expanded to 10 tractors. 2010 KIOTI introduces the DK45SE Cab, DS4110HS and the DS4510HS. Implement line is introduced, including 3-point tillage equipment, mowers and UTV attachments. 2011 KIOTI introduces the MECHRON 2200 Utility Vehicle, CK Series Compact Kab, DS3510 and the first RX series tractor, the RX6010C. 2012 KIOTI Introduces the CS2410 Subcompact Tractor and the RX6010PC utility tractor with Hydraulic Power Shuttle. 2013 KIOTI introduces the new CK2510 & CK2510HS. The NX Series is announced which includes 45HP – 60HP Cab models available with Synchro Shuttle & Hydrostatic Transmission. The RX Series models ranging from 66 – 73HP available with Synchronized, Power Shuttle and Power Shuttle with Creeper Transmissions and a choice of ROPS or Cab. 2014 KIOTI announces the completion of an extensive update to its parts warehouse in an effort to increase efficiencies and better serve customers and dealerships. NAEDA awards KIOTI with Gold Level Status for exceptionally high dealer rating levels as part of NAEDA’s Manufacturer recognition program. The first PX model is announced, the PX9020. The first DK10 Series models are introduced, including the DK4510/H, DK5510/DK5510/H. New NX ROPS models are introduced ranging from 45HP - 60HP. 2015 New utility vehicles are introduced, including the MECHRON® 2200PS & MECHRON® 2240 2-Row Utility Vehicle. NAEDA awards KIOTI with Gold Level Status for exceptionally high dealer rating levels as part of NAEDA’s Manufacturer recognition program. KIOTI debuted four new CK10 Series models, including the CK3510/H and CK4010/H. 2016 KIOTI celebrates its 30th Anniversary in North America. KIOTI expands the Field Option Cab Series to suit new and existing models in the CS Series, CK10 Series, DK10 Series and UTVs. A drive-over mid-mount mower compatible with the CK2510/H was introduced. The CS2210 and CS2510 were added to the CS Series sub-compact line. The EDA awards KIOTI with Gold Level Status for exceptionally high dealer rating levels as part of their Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey. New line of industry-leading implements is introduced. KIOTI Tractor adds the PX9530PC, PX1053PC and PX1153PC Models to the PX Series. 2017 KIOTI introduces two new models to the CK10SE Series, the CK3510SE HC and the CK4010SE HC. 2018 Utility vehicle product offering expanded with the K9 Series UTV. KIOTI Tractor adds new ROPS models—the CK3510SE, CK4010SE, CK3510SE HST and CK4010SE HST. The DK10SE Series is introduced with four CAB models - the DK4210SE HC, DK4710SE HC, DK5310SE HC and DK6010SE HC - and four ROPS models - the DK4210SE HST, DK4710SE HST, DK5310SE HST and DK6010SE HST. KIOTI invests $13M in expanding its North American Headquarters. Canadian Distribution Center in Mississauga, ON opens. 2019 KIOTI Tractor enters into the turf care market with its all new Zero Turn Mower series, the ZXC and ZXR. The EDA awards KIOTI with Gold Level Status for exemplary ratings in the EDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey. KIOTI renovated on-site training facility for hands-on, instructor-led training to help dealers and technicians. KIOTI launched a new online learning management system for all dealers. 2020 The CX Series is introduced with two ROPs models – the CX2510 and CX2510 HST. 2021 KIOTI Tractor introduced a new addition to the CX Series – the CX2510 HST Cab. KIOTI introduced an all-new line of grapple attachments. KIOTI Tractor debuted the NS Series with 5 new models - the NS4710, the NS4710H, the NS5310H, the NS 6010 and the NS 6010H. 2022 Daedong Corporation Celebrates its 75th Anniversary The NAEDA awards KIOTI with Gold Level Status for exemplary ratings in the EDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey. KIOTI Tractor introduced a new addition to the Turf Care line up - ZXS48 & ZXS54 KIOTI Tractor introduced a new ZXC LT to the Zero-Turn Mower line up. 2023 KIOTI Tractor introduced the all new CK20 and DK20 series tractors.  

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