Standard Features

  • Subframe mounted.
  • Factory assembled.
  • Responsive two-lever hydraulic control with exceptional feathering characteristics.
  • Anti-drop load-checks.
  • Standard buckets: 9", 12", 16", 18", 24" and 36" wide ditch and grave buckets.
  • All buckets have replaceable teeth.
  • Extra heavy-duty buckets.
  • Entire backhoe except for subframe is quick-detached from tractor.

Fits KIOTI CK2510 & CK2510H tractors.
Specifications may vary depending on tractor model and are subject to change without notification. Tractors must be equipped with ROPS and seat belt that will provide greater safety.

This post is also available in: FR


Digging Depth 76.3" (1,940 mm)
Reach (From center of Swing Pivot) 113.1" (2,875 mm)
Loading Height (Bucket at 60 degrees) 63.6" (1,615 mm)
Swing Arc 180°
Transport Height (Maximum) 77.2" (1,960 mm)
Transport Overhang 43.5" (1,105 mm)
Bucket Rotation 180°
Stabilizer Spread (Down Position) 68.7" (1,745 mm)
Stabilizer Spread (Up Position) 46.4" (1,105 mm)
Shipping Weight (Less Bucket) 1,012 lbs. (459 kg)
Bucket Digging Force 2,817.5 lbs. (1,278 kg)
Dipperstick Digging Force 1,748 lbs. (793 kg)
Operating Pressure 2,466 psi (170 bar)

Application Chart

CK2510 checkmark
CK2510 HST checkmark
NX4510 checkmark
NX5010 HST Cab checkmark
NX4510 HST checkmark
NX6010 HST Cab checkmark
NX6010 HST checkmark
NX4510 Cab checkmark
NX4510 HST Cab checkmark
NX5010 checkmark
NX5010 Cab checkmark
NX5010 HST checkmark
NX5510 Cab checkmark
NX5510 HST Cab checkmark
NX5510 HST checkmark
NX5510 checkmark
RX6620 checkmark
RX6620 Cab checkmark
RX6620 Powershuttle checkmark
RX6620 Powershuttle Cab checkmark
RX7320 Cab
RX7320 Powershuttle
RX7320 Powershuttle Cab
RX7320 PCC
DK5010 HS checkmark
DK5510 HS checkmark
DK5510 checkmark
DK5010 checkmark
DK4510 HS checkmark
DK4510 checkmark
CK3510 checkmark
CK4010 checkmark
CK4010HST checkmark
CK3510HST checkmark
CK2610 checkmark
CK2610 HST checkmark
CS2510 checkmark
CS2210 checkmark
CK4010SE HC checkmark
CK3510SE HC checkmark
K9 2400
CK3510SE checkmark
CK4010SE checkmark
CK4010SE HST checkmark
CK3510SE HST checkmark
DK4210SE HST checkmark
DK4210SE HC checkmark
DK4710SE HST checkmark
DK4710SE HC checkmark
DK5310SE HST checkmark
DK5310SE HC checkmark
DK6010SE HST checkmark
DK6010SE HC checkmark
K9 2440