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My husband wanted a tractor for our 30 acre parcel. He wanted one that could do everything. He also wanted one I could operate and that is where we disagreed. He said we needed bigger, I said no they were too big. This turned out to be the perfect choice, it is capable of doing everything we need and I don’t feel it is overly large. We have owned it since 2012 or 13. It has not given us any grief and starts on first turn. We have several attachments, but as my husband says “there’s always room for more”! Great choice for a small tractor.

Purchased my CK2610 a year and a half ago after considering all competitors . It just outperformed everything in this class. I’m retired and use it to maintain 480 acres of forest , food plots & trails in Northern Vt. . After 200 hrs . of plowing, loading , logging. chipping & mowing I can now say this work horse was the right choice . My neighbor, who owns 2 Kubota’s can’t keep his hands off it. Ordered 2 more attachments today and can’t wait to use em. Retirement’s more fun with a Kioti.

Looked at all brands, but Kioti was the best bang for the buck. Have had this tractor for 6 months now, for a 25 hp. compact it is a work horse it fits anywhere. The design of the machine and controls placements are ideal for long days. I would highly recommend this tractor to anyone looking for a compact unit.

While researching the purchase of a tractor I compared the John Deere, Kubota, New Holland and Kioti models. Based on price, features and value, the Kioti was the clear winner. My CX2510 does everything I need to do to maintain my 53 acres of mixed meadow and hardwoods, and I find 25 HP more than adequate. It’s easy to use and has intuitive controls. After 70 hrs it developed a problem with a hard-to-engage float position with the joystick. The dealer found a screw missing and repaired no cost to me. Other than this one problem the machine has been completely reliable. After hearing terrible service and reliability stories from people with competitive equipment, I have to say my dealer service has been excellent!


I have never written a review, however, I am so pleased with my new K9, I felt I should share. I took delivery a month ago, my salesman said Kioti designed the K9 for work. How true, it has saved me so much time; i.e. hauling water, hay, or firewood, etc. It goes everywhere I need to go. Fuel usage is very efficient. The seats are comfortable and the handling is excellent. Included with my purchase was a snow plow, can’t wait to try it out!!
Thank you

After severals years of research and looking at different brands of tractors , I finally pulled the trigger and bought the Kioti CK2610HST with the 4030 loader. I am waiting on delivery but I am very pleased with the new Kioti dealer Drifters Trading in Eton,GA. . Can’t wait to put it to work, compare before you buy and I am sure you will buy a Kioti!!



This is my second Kioti tractor. First one being a CK2610HST. Most bang for the buck out there. Comfort, power, ergonomics…. The list goes on. I grew up on a farm and have operated tractors and other equipment most of my life. I only have 12 acres to maintain myself now. The CK10 series definitely delivers!

I bought my new Kioti CS2510 in 2019 with cab, bucket loader and snow blower from Gary’s Yamaha in Caribou, Maine. Northern Maine gets its good share of snow and for over 20 years I owed a J.D. 955 with a front bucket and rear blower that I used to clear five or six driveways in our neighborhood each year. I now do this work with my “baby” Kioti which has proven more than capable of performing the same job. Additionally, it clears driveways twice as fast, I don’t have to turn around to blow snow and the cab is nice and cozy. Having had several back surgeries, turning to blow snow had become a serious issue for me which the little Kioti resolved with comfort and ease. Last summer I used my 4′ loader and bucket to move and spread 11 ton of processed gravel and again the little Kioti did not disappoint. For a tractor of it’s size it is well designed and is more than capable of handling whatever task you might challenge it with around the neighborhood. I love my “baby” Kioti CS2510 and would encourage anyone looking for a tractor to seriously consider a Kioti.


A while back we moved out to a new farm and started looking for a new tractor. I checked out LS, John Deere, Kubota, and lastly Kioti. I could talk all day about why I chose Kioti but after over 200 hrs and all the work it’s done, it speaks for itself. I put in hundreds of yards of ditching, brush hog acres at a time, built 2 pole barns, till and plant food plots, the list goes on. My one field is very muddy and where others get buried, my Kioti has gotten me through. Heck one day I was brush hogging and found a hidden mud hole that took me down to the frame. I was able to paddle out with the loader even with the brush hog attached. Go to a dealer and test drive one, look how they route the hydraulic hoses on the loader, check out the lifting capacities, you ll be impressed. Some guys are nervous with Tier 4 and dpf’s me being one. So far mines been good, as long as you use it like a tractor and keep the engine around 2000 my regen cycles are minimal. Long idle time it ll regen more. Perform proper maintenance, keep the zerks greased, and you will be happy. I’d love to try out their zero turn next if it’s anything like the tractors I’d be happy.