Name: Portman Dairy
City, State: Raymond, WA
Product: DK35SE/DK35SE

We just retired our 40 hp manual transmission John Deere, for a KIOTI DK35SE HST tractor used as our scraping machine at the dairy. if any tractor is put to the toughness test, its one used for manure scraping! This DK35SE HST has saved us up to 30 mins a day because of its easy to use hydrostatic transmission, and in farming, time is money! This tractor saves us so much time, that it is damn near paying for itself! I’m just disappointed that we didn’t use this transmission earlier! As much go-stop, go-stop that is involved in scraping, it’s not hard to figure out why the HST is the obvious choice, with its easy to use side by side drive pedals! I owe it to Jared at Harbor Saw and Supply Inc. in Hoquiam, WA for taking the time at our county fair to convince me that I definitely need a HST transmission for scraping! We already have 600hrs on this machine, and it hasn’t slowed down a bit. As someone who has had all green tractors on the farm over the years, you can count on seeing more orange… KIOTI orange that is for years to come! I couldn’t be more satisfied with our purchase, and the great customer service that came with it!

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