HX1151 Utility Tractor

Starting at $79,876 MSRP

Built for raw power, operator comfort, and peak performance, the HX Series utility tractors are KIOTI's most powerful utility tractors. They are the ideal choice for farmers and ranchers who demand the best to manage livestock, haul hay bales, and boost productivity.

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Dependable Workhorse

Conquer challenging tasks and cruise effortlessly with the power boost feature. This system unlocks an extra 9% in horsepower and torque, ready to tackle demanding PTO applications or propel you down the highway with ease. No need for manual adjustments – simply engage the boost and let the engine unleash its full potential.

Interior Comfort with Premium Features

A spacious five-pillar cab grants panoramic visibility, while the premium air suspension seat cradles you in comfort with adjustable fore/aft, swivel, and heated lower cushion. Need to train a new operator? The standard instructor seat makes it a breeze. The tilt and telescoping steering wheel let you dial in your perfect position.

Powerful Engine

The KIOTI (DD) 4-cylinder diesel engine boasts cutting-edge technology that delivers exceptional power and minimal noise. Its advanced fuel injection system and optimized combustion chamber create a clean, efficient burn that translates to quiet operation and reduced emissions.

Robust Front Axle

An unyielding front axle stands firm against the toughest terrain, while outboard planetary drives seamlessly transfer torque with precision. The limited-slip differential empowers you to conquer muddy fields and traverse loose gravel.

Hydraulic Shuttle

The HX Series has a hydraulic shuttle transmission, where seamless forward-reverse shifts are just a flick of a lever away. Each gear's speed is mirrored in reverse, making repetitive loader work simple.

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Starting At
98.60 hp
Fuel Capacity
47.60 gal

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