SL750U-LQ Skid Steer Loader

Starting at $62,267 MSRP

KIOTI compact skid steers are built for professionals who need a machine to be as tough, dependable and durable as they are and need a machine to match that resolve. KIOTI’s new compact skid steers are tailored to meet those ambitions. The SL750 keeps comfort top of mind and ensures the toughest days don’t have to feel that way. As operators continually push the limits of what compact equipment can accomplish, tackling bigger and more ambitious jobs, they expect their equipment to pave the way. KIOTI compact skid steers are designed to lift, push, and power their way through those rigorous demands, helping them accomplish more.

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Proven KIOTI Diesel Engine

KIOTI skid steers utilize a powerful 74 horsepower KIOTI engine. Rely on the proven performance of the KIOTI engine to deliver consistent power and reliability, ensuring that you can tackle tough jobs with confidence, knowing that your equipment will deliver optimal performance reliability.

Standard Two-Speed Travel

Increased productivity with standard two-speed travel on the KIOTI SL750 allows operators to quickly transition between low-speed precision and power and high-speed transport.

Pilot Hydraulic Joystick Controls

KIOTI achieves smooth and precise operation through the hydraulic pilot joystick controls, offering intuitive and responsive handling of the machine's functions, enabling the operator to work with precision and finesse, even in tight spaces or during complex tasks. Fingertip controls also give the operator an easy way to control their attachment functions right from the joystick for smooth and effortless operation.

Standard Rearview Camera

The KIOTI skid steer comes standard with a rearview camera that is seamlessly integrated into the digital display in the cab. The display delivers an on-demand view from behind the loader when traveling in reverse. You can also activate the camera with a push of a button.

Wide, Comfortable Cab

The KIOTI SL750 features a wide and comfortable cab, with a sliding overhead door, making it easy for entry and exit. With a high back suspension seat and optional enclosed cab with HVAC, operators will find added comfort and reduced fatigue during long days on the job.

Powerful Hydraulics

As operators take on bigger and more ambitions jobs, they expect their equipment to pave the way. The SL750 boasts powerful hydraulics, ample ROC and excellent traction force.

Standard LED Work Lights

The KIOTI SL750 comes standard with LED front and rear working lights making it easier for operators to further enhance visibility when operating in low-light conditions.

Sliding Overhead Door

A sliding front door allows for quick entry and exit. There is also no need to remove the door as it can lock into an open position with ease and unlock when you prefer to enjoy the comforts of the HVAC cab.

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Full Specs


Starting At
Engine Power
73.60 hp
Fuel Capacity
26.40 gal

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